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Clydesdale Destination Services is a company of years of experiences in providing destination services to the expats and multi-national corporates in second tier China cities such as Hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing etc (we are trying our best to extend our service to new cities in China). Our services cope includes a wide range of destination services such as home search, tenancy management service, visa services and a set of other services relating to expats' relocation procedure.



Our detailed service cope is:

-Pre-settling-in Orientation

-Rent apartment/rent house (villa)/serviced apartment

-Tenancy Management service

-Visa & Immigration Services

-Foreign TV Channels

-City Orientation

-Private tour


-Domestic Help

-Car Rental

-School Search

-Other Services

Clydesdale is made up by a vigorous team of efficient, experienced and hard working staff, specializing in the professional consultation service for expats relocating to our service coverage (Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Wuhan, etc, and we are trying our best to extend our service to new cities in China).

Over the years we are actively involved in the leasing of expat favored compounds in above mentioned cities, and extended our service from originally only limited to real estate renting (expat home leasing service) to a wide range of destination services, developing to a destination service provider (DSP).

We always capable of providing all the listed properties (available units) featuring most accurate grasp of its clients' need and in the same time provides the most professional in-line-with-International standard of destination services.

With the years of experiences in the second tier city property renting business, and always trying to make maneuvers for excellence, Clydesdale has one of the largest availability housing resources and professional managed team for the best housing services. We always making its utmost endeavor for high satisfaction rate from its clients. It's hard to rent the best apartment in second tier cities, but it won't be if you choose Clydesdale.

It has been Clydesdale's pursuit to make our clients feel like they are home. We combine China destination services market knowledge with our highly experienced consultants, making it our priority to understand the specific needs of our clients and provide tailored service programs to both corporates and individuals.


From pre-assignment trip (home and school search), to arrival welcoming and departure assistance, Clydesdale destination services consultants are readily available to ease your transition and help reducing the complexity of international relocation. Our support scope has broadened over the years to cover as many aspects as possible in clients' coming to live and work in China, making the process as stress free as possible with our efficient, friendly and professional services.

Satisfaction of clients is the key to our success. With your positive feedback, we are constantly improving and delivering high quality services. Our multilingual team is providing relocation solutions, swift and efficient follow up services and most importantly, a friendly and reliable cooperation.

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