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We provide destination services to the expats and multi-national corporates in second tier China cities such as Hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing etc (we are trying our best to extend our service to new cities in China). Our services cope includes a wide range of destination services such as home search, tenancy management service, visa services and a set of other services relating to expats' relocation procedure.

We provide below serious of services:

Orientation / Pre-assignment Visit

Home Search

Educational Assistance

Tenancy Management service

Visa & Immigration Services

Foreign TV Channels Hangzhou


Orientation / Pre-assignment Visit

Our city orientation service can play vital role for those before the decision of coming to China. The trip to the potential destination of their relocation can help them to acquire the information about housing, schooling and local amenities / facilities.

Our city orientation program can be tailor made to meet your specific need. We go deep into the city with client and bring more about the city’s geography and history and we will see whether it's practical for the assignee to live in the destination. All the trip can be modified to suit the specific needs and requirements. We will provide welcome package the first face-to-face meeting, containing destination information.


Tour will include the following:


Orientation tour of the city showing the main residential areas, medical facilities, shopping areas, parks, houses of worship, places of interest, leisure facilities, transportation facilities, government offices.

Housing overview – explanation of housing norms and typical properties; overview of home finding process; accompanied visits to pre-selected districts / neighbor hoods; arrangement and accompanied viewing of sample properties in line with assignee budget.

Schooling overview – show location of relevant schools during tour, and provide basic overview of schooling system.


Home Search


Renting property for expats in 2nd tier China cities is our main business. We involve ourselves frequently in the leasing activities of properties in the most popular compounds for expats in our coverage.

Each year, we help more than hundreds of expats successfully find their best home. We focus on the most popular apartments by expats. We understand that the complexity of international relocation of our clients and always try to ease the transition and solve the client's housing need through communication and continuous endeavor.

The leasing service includes:

            Pre-visit for requirement acquisition

            Viewing Properties

            Negotiating Lease

            Legal Documentation

            Settling in assistance

            On-going tenancy management

            Housing maintenance

            Lease Termination


We have the largest database of properties under leasing and provides the best home finding service at any time of the search.

Educational Assistance


We provide educational assistance (School Search) to our assignees. Based on the family needs, we provide explanation of international and private schooling options and explain application process for identified school options. We will follow up with the results of the family’s visit to the schools.


We discover the differences between schools and present different schooling options for clients. Combining the parents’ requirements and needs we recommend the best schooling options for them.


As the years in 2nd tier cities we have developed good connections in the International Schools, so we are easily to know the availabilities and sometimes we can help accelerate the application procedures for you as we develop good partnership with the international schools.


Tenancy Management Service

After the apartment lease is signed, our tenancy management services starts. Tenancy management support is critical to the expat during the stay in China. Handled well, this can minimize the time taken from them (and their families) to adjust their new surroundings and reduce the distractions and stresses involved in relocation which in the end can ensure a rapid return to maximized concentration at work.

Tenancy management is done in four aspects: lease management, financial management, and property management, Helpline Service

Lease Management

We manage the formalities of lease commencement, which includes review/tracking of lease documentation, lease renewal and lease termination; advice on tenancy rights and duties; and most importantly landlord tenant relationship liason.

Financial Management (Payroll)

When it comes to rental payment, it's best with Clydesdale team to coordinate you with this issue. We have well developed rental collection /reminding as well as the tax receipt management can greatly allows the client a peace of mind. Also we provide utility support with the TV / Internet / electricity / water / gas / cleaning services, and bank account set-up as well.

Property Management

We ensure tenant a trouble-free occupation of their rental home and solves property-related issues that may arise during the tenancy and provide accompanied emergency repairs. Clydesdale team will take over the burden of property related issues including arranging professional services which can ultimate reduce risk and save the tenant's time and money.

Helpline Service

We open up 24-hour emergency helpline to be used in case of tenancy related emergency. We constantly give access to our clients to local” Know how” and advices on local amenities, standard methods of public transports etc.

We put our focus soly on the needs of our clients, enabling us to provide unrivalled level of attention and care. Our commitment is to keep our client's relocation on the right track.

Visa & Immigration Services

China's immigration policies change frequently and the process of obtaining visa is not getting more easily. Clydesdale VISA specialist team helps you take care of information collection, visa application, reminders and visa extension, so you can better focus on other more pressing work.


We offer courteous China Visa service to private foreigners and staff of business organizations. With the years engagement in the 2nd tier China Cities, our company is familiar with the official application procedures and the applicable domestic law. And if you are a Human resource manager, and you have this kind of headache, let our team share some of your burdens. We will help you to handle all the jobs related China VISA for foreigners.

Our company insists on giving high quality services and provides the services below:

Our services

Collect the latest immigration information

Organize and submit documents.

Extension application

Booking and accompanying required medical check

Registration formalities at the local police station

Policies overview

1.   Extension of L visa can be only once a month, twice tops.

2.   F visa can apply for extension.(12 months tops)

3.   Labor contract expires or job being changed, the previous company should supply related documents to help you apply for one month L visa.

4.   Passport and visa lose and reapply need temporary residence certificate.

If your passport number changed, temporary residence certificate also is necessary.

5.   L visa holder can't apply for residence permit.

6.   The extension of L visa can’t be more than twice.

7.   M visa holder can't stay in China over one year continuously


Necessary visa documents:

1.   Valid passport

2.   Filling in the application form

3.   2 passport photos

4.   Other related certificates.


Process of residence certificate

1.   Passport, visa and other certificates.

2.   Filling in the application form

3.   Health Certificate and 2 passport photos.


M visa Extension and documents

Every M visa holder must need an invitation letter from Chinese government. With the invitation, you can apply for following types of business visa(M visa)

90 days once entry business visa

90 days twice entry business visa

180 days multiple entry business visa

360 days multiple entry business visa



Passport photos

Residence Registration Certificate

Visa and Residence Permit Application Form

Invitation letter and other related documents

Valid Passport


For L visa extension and documents

Passport photos

Visa and Residence Permit Application Form

Valid passport


For Z visa extension and documents

Passport photos

Valid Foreign Employment Certificate and Foreign Expert Certificate

Residence Registration Certificate

Visa and Residence Permit Application Form

Related documents from exployer


Foreign TV Channels Hangzhou

We can get you Satellite TV Channels in Hangzhou (Channels of your own countries like CNN, BBC, HBO etc).

For some known reason, it's not easy to run foreign TV channel in homes in Hangzhou. Sometimes the speed of streaming is buffering, and some channels are not displaying.


Clydesdale provides the solution for this! We can manage get various satellite TV packages, so no matter which country you are from, there is always one package suitable for you. Price differs according to the different packages you choose.

  a. English TV Channels Package

  b. Korean Channels Package

  c. Japanese Channels

  d. Indian Channels Package (incl.Regional Channels)

  e. Hong Kong/ Macau / Taiwan Channels Package

  f . Malaysian Channels Package

  g. Arabic Channels Packages

  h. Large Video-on-Demand resources

Besides, we can provide STABLE VOD (video on demand) solutions of English movies and TV series with large resources to your home so enabling your time at home will not get bored.

Settle in

After moving into the house, the assignees needs assistance to settle in to the new hometown. They need information(assistance) on banking options. We provide welcome package which includes information specific to the local neighborhood and amenities, places of worship etc typically arranged after check-in inspection. Also we provide other support that is essential / recommended in the local market may be provided in places.

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