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DIDI Released English Version this Year


Introducing DIDI

Uber almost monopolizes the overseas taxi market, but in China we also have an amazing platform called DIDI to make users travel more convenient.

Now the DIDI are making itself more amicable to expats, they have the English Language App, they have the auto translation messages with driver and pessangers.


Check the Didi English Version Video. [BY DIDI OFFICIAL]

How to set up?

1. Download the DIDI app from App Store. Signing up by inputting your phone number. 

2. Input the verification code after you get by text message.

How to get a didi car?

1. Set the pin to locate where you ready to leave, choose the type you need and input the departure place and destination in the column.


2. Choose what type of the car you want to use, like 

  • Express, 

  • Taxi, 

  • Premier (refers to the cars which need to make the appointment ahead and value higher than Express) and Luxe (refers to the cars which are the most expensive ones). 

The amount of the cars will be different according to the type you choose. Normally Express is the most common choice for users.


3. Confirm the request. After the order’s taken, you just wait at the pin-showing location.

4. Finish the payment when you arrive. Normally it's auto-pay from the accounts you have set up in the system.

How to pay?

1.     Click the figure at the left upper corner. Account-My Wallet-Password free payment and select the payment you’d like. The payment can setup auto deduct from either of below:

  • International Credit Card

  • Wechat Pay

  • Alipay

  • QQ wallet

  • Apple Pay

  • China Mechant Bank Card

How to get invoice/fapiao?

Choose My Wallet, go to Receipts, choose the itinerary that you need for invoice, then input invoice details.

If you still have difficulties with the App, plz feel free to contact us for more help. 

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