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Hangzhou Metro Network (June 2020)


The Hangzhou metro network has developed rapidly than it was five years ago.

Now, Hangzhou has 5 metro lines: Line 1, line 2, line 4, line 5 and line 16. And by 2022 of Asia Olympic, there will be 15 metro lines with over 500 km.

(Update on June 17, 2020, the information maybe outdate if you read this article after)

1 Hangzhou_Metro_evolution_mid.gif

2 Current Metro line.png

Hangzhou metro line 1

Xianghu ↔ Xiasha Jiangbin /Linping

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Opened to the public on 24th, November, 2012, Hangzhou metro line 1 is the first subway in Zhejiang Province. Passengers can easily travel amongst different areas of the city, like Shangcheng, Xiacheng, Xiasha and Linping Districts. The operating route contains a main line (Xianghu - Xiasha Jiangbin) and a branch line (Passenger Transport Center - Linping). Shaped like ‘Y’, it covers 53 km (33 miles)  and has 34 stations, passing many large passenger transfer centers/hubs, including Wulin Square, East Railway Station, Hangzhou Railway Station, Passenger Transport Center, South Bus Station and Yuhang Railway Station. In addition, Longxiangqiao is the closest metro station to the West Lake, which is the must-see of the city. 

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4 line 1 time table.jpg

Hangzhou metro line 2

Chaoyang ↔ Liangzhu

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Hangzhou metro line 2 is the second rapid transit rail line serving the public in the city. Covering around 43 km (27 miles), it connects Chaoyang and Liangzhu. The whole single trip only takes around 77 minutes. For different trips, the fare varies from CNY 2 to CNY 9. Passengers can easily transfer to subway line 4 and line 1 respectively at Qianjiang Road and Fengqi Road.

5 line 2.png

6 line 2 timetable.jpg

Hangzhou metro line 4

Puyan ↔ Pengbu

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Hangzhou metro line 4 is scheduled to construct three sections: the phase one, the phase two and the phase three. Currently, only the phase one linking Pengbu in Jianggan District and Puyan in Binjiang District is in operation, covering 18 stations and stretching 21 kilometers (13 miles). It takes around 40 minutes from Puyan to East Railway Station. For different trips, the fare varies from CNY 2 to CNY 6. Passengers can easily transfer to Hangzhou metro line 1 and line 2.

Hangzhou metro line 4 phase two will start Pengbu and end at Zijingang Road in Xihu District, encompassing 15 stations. As planned, its phase two will serve the public in the end of 2022.

7 line 4.png

8 line 4 timetable.jpg

Hangzhou metro line 5

Guliangqian – Jinxing

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Phase 1 of the line is 48.6 km (30.2 miles) long with 36 stations and run between Central Park station in Yuhang District and Xiangzhang Road station in Xiaoshan District in the east, passing through downtown Hangzhou and providing transfers with multiple other lines in the system including Hangshao line (through operation to Line 1 (Shaoxing Metro) of the neighboring Shaoxing Metro). Phase 2 of the line further extends 3.2 km and two stations east to Lvting Road. A 5 km (3.1 miles), two station extension west to Laoyuhang station in Yuhang District started construction in 2018.

9 line 5.png

10 line 5 timetable.jpg

Hangzhou metro line 16

Jiuzhou Street ↔ Lüting Road

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Hangzhou metro line 16 opened in April 2020, connecting Lin’an District and Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City. Hangzhou metro line 16 stretching for about 35 kilometers (22 miles) will serve passengers traveling between Jiuzhou Street and Lüting Road with 12 stations. The fare will range from CNY 2 to CNY 8 according to the metered fare. It will take around 40 minutes for the single trip.

11 line 16.png

12 line 16 timetable.jpg

Planned metro line

13 hangzhou-metro.jpg

Line 6

Opening Time: Late 2020

Length: 59 kilometers (37 miles)
Route: Shuangpu - Kehai Road - Xiaming Street - West Guihua Road - Gongwang Street - Xinqiao - Gaoqiao - Fuyang Coach Station - Shouxiang - Huxiaoxing - Yinhu - Wildlife Park East - Zhongcun - Zhejiang Conservatory of Music - China Academy of Art Xiangshan Campus - West Fenghua Road - Zhipu Road - Xipu Road - Chinese Medical University - Weiye Road - Chengye Road - Jianye Road - Changhe - Jianghan Road - Jiangling Road - Xingmin - Olympic Sports Center - Expo Center - Qianjiang Century City - Fengbei - Asian Games Village - Sanbao - Tanhua’an Road - Yuanbaotang - East Railway Station - Goujunong

Line 3

This line will go along Tianmushan Road and West Bus Station to the Wulin Square in the east, meeting Line 1 at Ouhuazhou Dajie. It will pass by Gongshu District, West Lake District and Shangcheng District.
Length: 35 kilometers (22 miles)

 Line 7

It will go from Qianjiang Century CBD to Xiaoshan International Airport, and end at Jiangdong Industry Zone. Exchange station to Line 2 will be built in Qianjiang Century CBD.
Length: 31 kilometers (19 miles)

Line 8

It will be built to connect the Jiangdong area and Xiasha District. Exchange station to Line 1 will also be set.
Length: 18 kilometers (11 miles)

Line 9

It will connect the Tangxi Zutuan and Longxiangqiao. Passengers will achieve transfers with line 1, line 2, line 3, line 4 and line 6. 
Length: 44 kilometers (27 miles)

Line 10

It will start from Huanglong Stadium in the south and stretch north. The main line will reach Renhe in Yuhang District and its Chongxian branch line will reach Yuhang Chongxian.
Length: 21 kilometers (13 miles)

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