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Guide for paying utility bills in Hangzhou



There are lot of expats are at blank when they first landed Hangzhou and don't know how to pay the utility bills. If you have new arriving friends, just share this to him/her.


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1: Information is collected September 2015

2: Some commercial buildings has its own charging standard, the below are for residential properties.

3: It around topic of

-understand the bill

-cost of bill

-Bill informing system

-when the new bill comes

-how to pay the bill

-delay penalty and cut out



Electricity Bill

Understanding the bill:

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[Mark 1]Electricity Number: Every property has its unique electricity use number which is a 10 digit number for example "6011082021"

[Mark 2] Reading Date: Means when the time frame of the bill, 1 month to this date

[Mark 3] Pay Before: This date is the adviced payment date. It’s 10 days after the reading date normally

[Mark 4] Total amount of the bill



Cost of Electricity

Range (Yearly Cycle)

Normal Charging (RMB)

Hour-Differentiation Charging (RMB)



0-2760 KWH




2760-4800  KWH




Over 4800  KWH






1: For residential electricity use in Hangzhou.

2: Unit is RMB/KWH.

3: If you use a lot from 10PM-8AM (eg: Air-conditioning), you are suggested to apply for the "Hour-Differentiation Charging" .

If you don't use electricity from 10PM - 8AM, you are suggested to apply for the “Normal Charging Mode"


How they will inform you there is a new bill

-Stick the bill to the door

-Put in the mailbox

-Electronic bill (SMS, not common)


When there is new bill

The electricity bill comes every month, normally at the beginning of the month (1-10)



How to pay the bill

1 Banks (Most Major banks are available )


1.1 You can take your bill to the banks counter, and pay the bill

1.2 There are Automatic Servicing Machines in banks where you can pay the bills

1.3 Online banking page there is window can pay for the electricity bill (Bank of China has English Menu)

1.4 You can combine the electricity account to your bankcard, so as long as the bills pop out, the bank will deduct the right amount and pay it


2.3rd-party paying system like Alipay, wechat wallet etc.

Easy and fast


2.3rd-party paying system like Alipay, wechat wallet etc.

Easy and fast

- Alipay payment

1.Open Alipay,enter “All”




Wechat pay is both ok! (for electricity and gas!)

3 State Grid Service Centers

There are State Grid Service Centers located around the city where you can pay the bills.


Delay Penalty

If the bill is not paid by the end of the month, they will charge you 0.1% of the bill each day for delay penalty.


Cut of Electricity

If the bill is not paid for 30 days, they will cut the power use but before which they will inform you with letters.


 Gas Bill

Understanding the bill

Hangzhou_Apartment-Hangzhou_House-Hangzhou_Serviced_apartmen_for_Rent-Hangzhou_guide-Living_in_Hangzhou-1 - 3.jpg

[1]Each property has a gas number with this gas number you can check the gas costs and pay for the bills

[2] The bill also indicates next time the gas reading people comes


Cost of Gas

Price (RMB)

Consumption   Level (m³)

1 level


Under 276

2 level



3 level


Over 480

How they will inform you there is a new bill / When there is new bill


The gas meter are installed in the property mostly somewhere in the kitchen or near kitchen, so to have a bill the gas reading person must come into the property to read the numbers so there will be a new gas bill.


The gas reading people will come every two month, mostly around 7-9 pm during the evening and read the gas meter, they will hand to the resident the gas bill immediately, but you will only to pay it after 3 days when the information is uploaded to the gas company system. If the residents are not home when the gas people come, they will come again after another two month or will stick a reading notice to your door that you can contact the number when you are back home so they can come to read.


How to pay the bill


1 Bring the gas bill to Hangzhou Bank (not referring to banks in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Bank is one certain bank, HZBANK) or ICBC, cash and card both ok.

2 Third-party paying system like Alipay, wechat wallet etc.

3 There are Gas Company Service Centers located around the city where you can pay the bills.



Delay Penalty

After the bill is out for 15 days, they start charging delay penalty, which is the 0.02% of the bill for each day.


Cut out gas

The gas will not be cut out.


Water bill

If the compound is without management office, referring those old compounds that buildings are not higher than 7 floor, the water bill will need to be paid by the residents. Payment method is similar to the gas and electricity each property has a water number.

Range (Yearly   Cycle)

Water price   (RMB/ton)

0-216 ton


216-300 ton


Over 300 ton


Old compound water costs


If the compound is with management office, the water bill will be charged by the management office. It differs from management services in frequency of its read and paid.

In these situations, the payment and the cost of water bills is decided by the management office, and different compounds may different.

Water unit price will be around 2.95 rmb/cubic meter.



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