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Clydesdale.cn is providing you with a new way to rent property/find tenant for your property/gain useful information. Please read carefully before using this website. If you disagree any of the statement please do not enter this website.


Clydesdale.cn, including all the contents are under property control of Clydesdale destination services.


Clydesdale.cn has the right to change, pause or terminate any part of the website. If any loss incurred due to these, Clydesdale.cn is not responsible.


The content you are submitting, you agree NOT to submit any information relating to illegal, or immoral activity.


Clydesdale.cn is not obliged to be responsible for any user’s uploadings, including but not limited to it’s the authenticity, validity integrity or updatedness of the content.

Users are NOT allowed to use Clydesdale.cn to distribute information in below but not limited:

-Against the basic principles the Constitution regulate.

-Breaching national security

-Undermining national interests

-Any propaganda, or national discrimination.

-Rumorous or pornographic

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