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Clydesdale Hangzhou Office stationed in IX-WORK, an high end office building. pretty near many famous large-scale enterprises like Supor, Bosch and Infosys etc. We are able to reach most parts of the city within 30 mins as close to the high way entrance, for example, 10 min to reach Hangzhou International School, 12 min to the Central Train Station, 12 min to the West Lake, 15 min to the CBD.


For the expat compounds side, we are able to reach the most populated compounds by expats within 15 mins: Ease Sky plaza in the HIS area, The Dreamland in the CLD area, and MixC residence in the CBD area.


Our office building is an interactive community with community ecosystem. The open source community, the sharing platform and real-time updating enterprise information make enterprises and employees have close relationship, fighting together as a harmony family. And the canteen, café, parking lot, convenience store, gym and public reading room offer many options for after-work time.


And our staff is energetic and enterprising.


Office Address: Room 603, Tower A, IX-WORK,

Office Line: 0571 87183339

Wechat: ClydesdaleDS


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