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Thanks for choosing Clydesdale. Please fill your property information in the below questionnaire or directly call our hot-line at: 18657174444. We will appreciate any photos to be send to info@clydesdale.cn. If you don’t have any photos, you can make appointment with our photography team and we can take the best photos for your property!
感谢您选择科戴涉外租赁作为您的物业代理商!我们将向您提供最优质的物业租赁服务!请将您的物业信息填写至下列表格中。您也可以直接联系我们的租赁部热线18657174444。请将您的房屋照片发送至我们的邮箱:info@clydesdale.cn。 如果您暂时没有房屋的图片,我们也可以派我们专业的摄影团队给您房屋拍摄专业的照片,更好帮您找最理想客户!
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卫生间数量Number of bathrooms
  • 家具齐全Fully Furnished
  • 部分家具Partially furnished
  • 不带家具Unfurnished
  • 传统中式Traditional Chinese
  • 美式乡村Amercian Idyllic
  • 北欧简约Nordic Simple Style
  • 欧式豪华European Luxury
  • 东南亚豪华风Southeast Asian Style
  • 日式和风Japanese Style
  • 开发商精装修Refined Decoration by Developer
  • 地暖Floor Heating
  • 江/湖景房River/Lake View
  • 视野开阔Open View
  • 全新装修Brand New
  • 大阳台/露台Big Balcony/ Terrace
  • 私人花园Private Garden
  • 泳池&健身房Pool and Gym
  • 采光好Good lighting
  • 停车位Parking
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