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Expat Driving in Hangzhou


First of all, you are not allowed to drive if you only have International Driver License or Driver license of your own country. You must hold Chinese Driver License to drive in China Mainland.

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Fine, now you have your Chinese Driver license, how could you get your car in Hangzhou? To get a car is not hard, you just need get your wallet ready, however, to get plate in Hangzhou is hard. Hangzhou runs a system that limits the monthly distribution for car plates so we only have two ways to get it.

1 Win a lottery

2 Buy a plate (around 30k-40k rmb)

Electronic Car can get plate easily.


Road Restrictions for Driving in Hangzhou (till June 2017)

1 Peak time restriction

Restricted time (peak hour) 

  • 7AM – 9AM

  • 4:30PM – 6:30PM

Which cars are under restriction

Monday : Last Arabic number on the plate being 1 and 9

Tuesday: Last Arabic number on the plate being 2 and 8

Wednesday: Last Arabic number on the plate being 3 and 7

Thursday: Last Arabic number on the plate being 4 and 6

Friday: Last Arabic number on the plate being 5 and 0

Restriction area:


* If you last charactor is letter instead of Arabic number, means besides the letter, you can count the last Arabic number before the letter.

Cards plate not from Hangzhou (Non 浙A (Zhe A) Cars) are limited in all of the five week days during peal hour.



2 Spring and Autumn Restriction(ON WEEKENDS)

From March – May and September to November, the Hangzhou traffic bureau will put a limitation in the scenic area of West Lake Scenic on weekends. Time will be notified by the traffic bureau.

Way of restriction:

  1. Last Arabic number being Singular, it will be restricted on weekend of dual dates (for example, 2nd 4th 6th 8th …of each month )

  2. Last Arabic number being Dual, it will be restricted on weekend of singular dates (for example, 1st 3rd 5th 7th …of each month )

  3. Restricted area:


3 Other Restriction

There are some other restriction when the traveler is full in the scenic areas, so the traffic police will set a loop which will be one way driving.


Only IN Hangzhou: Cars needs to stop for walkers before zebra crossing!


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